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Wine Cellar
Whether you’re a novice or a budding connoisseur, the first step to getting a handle on wine is tracking it:  what you liked; what you didn’t; and what new wines you want to try. Whether your friends and family liked it.
If you’re like some of us, you’ll want to save the label with your tasting notes. Keep track of what’s on hand, and what you’re out of.
Share your wine savvy with the world. Now you can publish your wine information to your mobileMe® account with the push of a button.
Select the wines, pick a template, and with a click of the publish button, your information is uploaded to your mobileMe® account. Your friends and family will never have to worry about what wine will be welcome at your next party. Or, send recommendations to your friends and family with the push of a button.
Wine Cellar lets you track the wines that you drink, so you can remember what wines you like -- and those you didn’t. You can share your thoughts about wine with friends and family through email or your mobileMe® account -- and best of all you can have all your wine information with you for that next trip to the wine store by exporting them to your iPod.
Wine Cellar makes it easy!
“Did I Like It?”
A 1,000 wines in your pocket! Now you can save your wine information to your iPod® and take it wherever you go. Just select, click and go. What could be easier?
Never be in doubt about what to buy again....
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